Creative Wellness, Inner Energy & Self-Mastery—a new paradigm.

Kissey Asplund is an intuitive creative consultant specializing in energy, wellness and the process of creativity. As a meditation teacher, music producer, and the energy behind creative wellness website ‘Generation Watts, she teaches others how to create from within. Her knowledge in generating energy, the frequencies of energy, and the timeless equations of energy makes her a unique and personable coach; a teacher who can digestibly clarify both easy and complex concepts, regardless of your thought-process or starting point.

Thanks to her creative background and vast meditation studies, she may support you in understanding two key factors: 

1. What actions you must to do create your idea/vision.

2. How to unite your elevated awareness and physical form to fully optimize your personal life and creativity

She refers to creativity as the process of generation and generating energy. She explains, “It’s about how we use our inner energy. This energy runs throughout us…in our atoms, molecules, and cells. It also impacts and generates additional energies. For example, we use our muscular energy to shape wood into a chair. We play instruments with our body to result a song. We imagine an idea with our brain and make this idea real through our actions.”

As a creative consultant, meditation teacher, and music producer, her goal is to teach you how to generate energy and how to generate the frequencies of energy via your own inner power center. 

Kissey is an advocate of creative wellness and the new paradigm of the vibrant and self-empowered artist, performer, athlete, creative-thinker, maker, entrepreneur, and specialist. According to her, “Our culture can only access all its potential when we encourage everybody to do what they came here to do. You being in your fullest self-expression is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and others. Your personal energy is very purposeful and means a lot.” She continues, “What could our homes, entertainment, music, careers, relationships, lives look like if we accomplished this kind of energy? What could you in your most self-empowered state do?”

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About Kissey Asplund.

Kissey’s journey of researching how to use mind-body connection to enhance creativity began in Stockholm, Sweden. In her late teens, she attended a meditation. This inspired her system to generate a visualization technique.“The experiences ignited my interest. I began researching and test-driving how different modalities could support my creativity. Today, it’s been 23 years of meditation / mind-body studies and 35 years of creating.” With time, her specialty morphed into:

1. The study of energy (creative subatomic energy)

2. Energetic frequencies

3. How we generate energy 

4. How the equations of energy work

With a background in creativity and meditation, she intuitively consults makers, performers, creative-thinkers, and entrepreneurs from an array of backgrounds; from those beginning their journey, to those who already mastered their subject.
She’s a multi-disciplinary artist and music producer who has worked in several creative positions, including overseeing entire productions to being the maker, performer, and athlete herself.

Creative Background.

Asplund’s creative skill-building began with the piano at six years old. Song, performance, and dance were next. With a natural ability for middle-distance running, Kissey was an athlete who loved fast morning runs in the forest. “Spending time in nature has always been important to me.” Kissey developed her musical knowledge at a performance arts high school in Stockholm (this is where she learned how to DJ). The next step in her education was to study painting. In the south of Sweden, at a fine-arts program, she filled her days with color theory, pigments, light, perspective training, and painting techniques. Afterwards, she studied ready-to-wear clothing design in Copenhagen, dropped out and ventured into the clothing and retail industries.

While studying painting, Kissey explored singing again. Her small flat (located opposite an amusement park) transformed into a home studio. With a system of hundreds of post-it notes plastered across her walls, she was part of the forefront of online collaboration, working with music producers from all over the world. From there, she launched an international career as a music producer, DJ, and recording artist.
Asplund has toured the world as a solo act and DJ. She has written and produced music for soundtracks, other artists, meditations, brands, art-pieces, kimonos, and designers. Her music curation and playlists have been heard at dancefloors, nightclubs, galas, openings, museums, hotels, restaurants, and celebrations across the world. You have also heard her music curation and custom music on some popular audio and audio-fitness apps. She’s been the resident DJ for Milk Studios NY. Highsnobiety calls her “a rarity in pop music”, and according to i-D Magazine, “Manhattan’s electric energy and robotic precision is tangible in her beats”.

Awakening Background.

At 24, Kissey shared a recurring vision with her mother, “Way above my head, I know there’s sunshine behind the clouds, but I can’t make the clouds separate”. Her mom recommended she talk with their neighbor. Kissey began meeting with this life coach who taught her how to observe and “hear” the words she spoke. He gifted her a copy of Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’. Based on this new knowledge, she built some additional proactive meditation techniques.

Later, Kissey moved to New York City. With many energetic distortions and an out-of-balance ego, she found it more and more challenging to create. After some time, her energy and body collapsed. She faced an inner choice: either commit to real change or continue in a downward spiral.
The commitment to change propelled her into a new life chapter. “I dedicated the next six years to reconstruct my energy’s framework. My studies and research were primarily in energy, the frequencies of energy, and how these two correlate with my prior knowledge in music, art, science, the physical body, and spirituality.”

Several master consciousnesses guided her through this internal overhaul. The deeper she changed, the more connected and self-energized she became. “Every experience taught me how to master my energy further. I had to relearn many basic functions, such as what creativity is and how creativity actually works, relationships, cultural views, how to nurture and heal my body, scientific and spiritual misconceptions, install success patterns that align with how energy actually works.”

Kissey’s creativity had a full upgrade as well. “I connected with my innate creative abilities and skillsets that had been waiting for my discovery. Tolle refers to this as sitting on a chest full of gold but never realizing the amazing treasures within.”

In 2018, she founded Generation Watts, a creative wellness site that celebrates the capacity we all have to generate energy and ideas into physical form. On there, she teaches how energy and frequencies work—and how this pertains to our creativity. “We generate energy when our elevated awareness integrates with our physical form. Because of this, it’s really important to take care of ourselves on all levels, especially if we want to be visionary and powerful co-creators.”
Now, in her early forties, she has found that observation and inner-energetic connection are the most potent ways to accomplish this kind of integration. “When we accomplish a solid connection between our elevated awareness (our timeless) and our physical form (our timebound), we are unstoppable. Our powerful energy can flow. In this kind of self-empowerment, our real capacity as generators of energy kicks in.”

Customize Sympathetic Resonance & Deciphering the Equations of Energy.

I’ve meditated to the point where I now can generate loads of energy and teach others how to affect their energy levels in a positive manner”, Kissey says. With a clear energy and deep inner connection, she generates and customizes large amounts of energy. Her two passions of creativity and meditation have merged into the subject of generating energy. She also deals with the so-called equations of energy. “‘Equations’ refers to the formulas that construct energy and our reality. When looking at these, I help decipher if someone or something (like a project) is on track or if there is an underlying blockage preventing it. By customizing energy for you, together (you and I) may update your equation into a better and smoother frequency. Energy and the frequencies of energy are very cool and direct in that way. One may generate a lot of impact as long as the adjustment is positioned at the right place.”

In conversation, Kissey’s natural state is to amplify the oscillation (the speed) of her own energy. Her hypothesis is that in this state, she generates customizable sub-groups of energy and harmonics. Through sympathetic resonance, your system may adapt to these energetic frequencies to bring about your vision. In collaboration, you and Kissey encourage your energy to move into the next level(s) of potential, according to the laws of energy.

Kissey’s gone through the process herself and knows what is required to transform. “Personally, for me, the modality of tuning energy at the equation level has been a game-changer. Doing so removed distortions, tuned bad unproductive patterns, rebalanced my system, closed open-ended cycles, activated my body, energized my skills, improved my quality of life, and made me step out of the matrix and “remember” we’re all co-creators of it. I went from experiencing many ‘unproductive’ situations to greater clarity on why these arose. I also gained a much sharper sense of what and when I needed to decide and action something. Because in the present Now everything becomes much clearer including our own presence. The process may be challenging at times, but if you remain focused on the change and where you’re heading, it becomes much easier. To me, it’s always been important to learn how to create as an energized, vibrant, happy, and self-empowered person. I never wanted to become a successful-but-unhappy ‘living-dead’, and this motivated through the shift. One of the biggest insights I had during this was that whatever is in front of us, whatever situation we are in, is an opportunity we can seize if we’re alert and savvy enough to pick up on it. This idea is part of my core teachings, because in this knowing one can flip almost anything in life into an advantage to build more self-mastery.”

She continues, “I don’t see this modality as “higher” or “better” than anyone else’s. When the energy of the equation is adjusted, we as humans, must still assist our body through the change. As in, eat nutrient-dense foods, exercise, acupuncture, massage, stretch, Qigong, and so on.”
Kissey may teach you how to generate what your elevated awareness aspires for and how to adjust your equations into more powerful opportunities. “We all have one (or several) core desires we’re here to experience. This is usually a precondition in the core-energy of who we are. You can say it’s part of our energetic setup. Because of energetic dissonances, convictions from outsiders, lineage, not oscillating as we should, many of us don’t have the chance to experience this desire/potential. We don’t fulfill our life’s purpose. When tuning the equation, it may pitch the energy into a more potent speed. This may make your energy and equations clearer. Not only helping you understand your life more straightforward, the energetic signaling within yourself and towards others may become clearer as well. Meaning, others may have an easier time getting what you’re communicating and what you’re essential about.”

Some have said that a session with Kissey feels like a “friendly push in the right direction”, “a high-level creative mentor session”, or as if something “clicked”.

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